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On-Site Touch-Up

Ironwood Custom Finishing Touch-Up Services

  • On-Site Touch-Up and Repair of millwork, doors, panels, wall cap, elevator panels, reception desks, cabinets and furniture.  Touch-Up includes filling scratches, chips, gouges and holes as needed, and recreating wood grain. 
  • On-Site Touch-Up of Elevator panels damaged from daily wear and tear, or gouged by delivery carts, carrying cases, keys, etc.
  • On-Site Restoration of older Doors which are looking old due to wear and tear, are faded, and/or whose finish has lost its luster.

  • On-Site Restoration of wood panels where signage or pictures have been moved, and the uncovered area now does not match the panel color, or holes are left that need to be filled and blended.
  • Custom Samples Created On-site that match your Building-Standard finish, or any wood finish.  This is useful when property modifications are made and any new wood installations need to be finished to blend seamlessly with the existing installation.
  • On-Site Touch-Up required due to hardware changes, lockset moves, and/or vandalism.

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