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In-Plant Finishing

Ironwood Custom Finishing In-Plant Services 

  • In-House Finishing of new door packages, millwork, cabinets, and any wood surfaces to match existing building standards, custom colors, and/or factory finishes, with quick turnaround times on both small and large projects.
  • In-House Refinishing and Re-staining of existing doors and millwork for cost effective re-use of existing materials.

  • In-House Refinishing or Repairs required due to hardware changes, lockset or closer moves, signage modifications, vandalism or damage incurred during transit from the factory to your job site.
  • In House Touch Up and Repair of trade damage on doors, panels, millwork, wall cap, baseboards, reception desks, cabinets, tables and furniture.  Touch Up includes filling scratches, chips, and gouges, and recreating wood grain.
  •  In House Restoration of older doors, frames, and trim which look old due to wear and tear, fading and/or finish that has lost its luster.
  • Custom Samples Created On-site that match Building Standards or any custom finish.  This service is useful when property modifications are made and new installations need to blend seamlessly with the existing installation.
  • In-Plant Priming, Painting of any door packages and wood surfaces.  We utilize our expertise to professionally spray water-based latex paints, pigmented lacquers, or other unique coatings for a high quality painted surface.
  • Finished In-Plant projects are custom packaged, wrapped, and/or palletized to meet your specific needs to prevent any damage in transit.
  • Glazing or other custom finishes as required or requested.  Our finishers have extensive experience in specialized finishes for all wood types & veneers.

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