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#1 Source for Custom Wood Finishing & Touch-Up in Arizona

Phone: (602)254-5677

Ironwood Custom Finishing FAQ

Why should we use Ironwood Custom Finishing instead of a competitor?

Our five step process imparts the same “deep, rich, color process” as a factory finish.  Our competitors do not use this process, and do not use high quality products and procedures.

Why should I use your company instead of a factory Finished door that is normally cheaper?

First, our turn around time on typical projects of 1 to 60 doors is normally less than 4 days.  If you are facing liquidated damages on a rush project we can turn around up to 20 doors in 2 days.

Second, whether you need a factory color or a custom color, we can provide an exact match, as we custom blend all our stains, in house, by skilled and experienced finishers.

Third, we can custom stain all the raw wood components of any tenant improvement or new construction project, which includes doors, frames, casings, cabinets, panels, chair rail, base and any other raw wood to provide an exact match in color, sheen and finish for all wood components.

What other in plant service do you offer?

Some of the services we offer include:

1.  We’ll custom package, wrap and/or palletize your finished projects based on your needs, to prevent any damage during transport to the job site.

2.  For each project we develop a formula, create an in house sample of the custom stain color, if you desire and store it in your company’s file to guarantee future staining projects for your client will match exactly.

3.  We can handle the smallest jobs, in both size and quantity of pieces, and also handle your largest projects, with large pieces and large quantities.

4.   If desired, we can professionally spray paint pigmented lacquers. Our prices are very competitive to field painting, with better quality control and better results when done in our plant.

5.  We also have the ability in house to refurbish older used doors, panels, or other wood products to keep your projects within tight budget constraints.

Do you sell or manufacturer anything?

No.  Unlike some competitors, we do not compete with you in selling, installing and/or manufacturing any wood related products. We only provide custom staining and spray painting on your products for your customers.

Do you provide any other services?

Yes, we have a separate crew of touch up technicians that provide field touch up, repair and/or refurbishing of any wood finishing problems.  All our technicians are drug tested, e-verified and insured at levels that exceed the state minimum requirements.

What specifically can the touch up technicians do?

How do we access your services and what are the costs?

For field touch up schedule and quotes, call Liz who will work with you to develop a schedule, establish a “best guesstimate” quotation, and set up a mutually beneficial appointment that our people adhere to.  Field touch up is billed on a time and materials (T&M) basis.

For in plant services, call Bob who will supply you with a written quotation based on your project specifications, establish a time table for completion based on your needs, and complete the project on time, in a cost effective manner, and with a high quality finish.

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